Fire Training

Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Training Courses are taught by experienced Fire Fighters, full of useful information for the work and home environment. This course uses video content, practical demos, photographic examples and student practice to show the student all that is involved in successful fire prevention and practical fire fighting. One of our more popular courses.
Duration: Half day

Fire Warden Training

Taught by Fire Fighters, this course uses DVD’s, practical demonstrations, site specific surveys, photographic examples, on site orientations, student exercises and student practices to enable the student to be an effective fire warden.
Duration: One day

Fire Safety Training for Managers

This course goes in depth into fire safety in the work place, using video content and showing relevant legislation, fire point placement, fire equipment for the workplace, practical demonstrations, students practice, site specific concerns and hazards, evacuation training and much more. This course is great for new managers or staff looking to upgrade their skills.
Duration: One day

Fire Safety for Managers

Taught by Fire Officers, covering all of the various products on the market, all aspects of extinguisher usage and deployment are covered in this session, Practical demonstrations, Photos and video content are also used.
Duration: Half day

Breathing Apparatus Training

Everything from putting it on, cleaning, safety, maintenance, usage and taking it off is shown, practiced and discussed during this course, This site specific course is primarily for confined spaces teams or site rescue teams. Duration: Dependent on type of apparatus, site, number of personnel to be trained, reason for usage and work place environment

Emergency Response Team Training

Another site specific course, this course is used to train area response teams, fire containment teams, first responder teams, depending on number of personnel to be trained and level of training required this course varies in duration. We can help you decide what is needed for your site.

Specialist Fire Courses

Courses include: Specialist Fire training, Marine Fire training, or a course tailored to meet your site specific needs. Fire Cover for Shows and Events. Vehicles and Crews can be booked separately.